Coronavirus Status

Updated 05/01/21

We are open

We are delighted to reassure you that we are open as normal for both consultations and treatment during the national restrictions announced on 4th January 2021.

With the ability to diagnose patients and carry out procedures on-site in our private facilities, our clinic is the safest place to have your treatment.

A number of procedures are now taking place in our purpose-built on-site operating theatre here at the clinic, which was designed and built to our specifications during the first lockdown.

Our new Covid-secure laser operating theatre on-site here at Bowcliffe Hall also opened in January, featuring state of the art laser and climate control equipment..

When you attend your appointment, we have incorporated the following measures for your safety:

We have installed a Toul Operio air filtration device. This filters microbes, including the coronavirus, from the atmosphere and completely cleans the air in the clinic examination room in three minutes. It ensures a safe, sterile air environment for the clinical examination itself.

You will be asked questions regarding symptoms and recent travel when booking in for your appointment.

Your temperature will be taken on arrival at the clinic and you will be asked questions relating to coronavirus symptoms again.

If you arrive without wearing a mask then we will ask you to wear one. We can provide this.

If you attend wearing a fresh disposable mask or a freshly washed reusable mask then you will be able to continue to wear this for the duration of your stay in the clinic.

We have adjusted our schedule and appointment process in order to ensure that any waiting is kept to an absolute minimum. There will never be more than two patients in the reception area at the same time.

All of our equipment and furniture is wiped down with alcohol between every patient.

We believe we’ve created the safest environment for your treatment. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Clinic.

James, Jack and the Custom Vision Clinic Team

Your Custom Vision Clinic Team